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Why use an Architect?

When appointing an Architect, you are paying for a highly skilled and experienced professional – not just a set of drawings, in fact the ‘final’ drawings are just a small part of the process.

Your Architect can guide you through the design, planning, tendering and construction process, negotiating statutory approvals such as Planning and Building Regulations. They can add value by maximising the potential of your project, whether that be by maximising light, storage, creating connections with the garden or simply providing the best return on your investment.

Every project is different, and should be reflective of the client’s needs, personality and the specifics of the house or site.

Who can use the title 'Architect'?

Architects are regulated by the Architects Registration Board; you must be on the register of Architects in order to use the term ‘Architect’. Architects typically go through at least 7 years of training to qualify, both at University and in the office, and so have a wealth of experience and expertise.

Other individuals, such as Architectural Designers, can offer design services (only the title ‘Architect’ is protected) but they are not regulated by the ARB and do not have to meet the ARB's stringent standards of competence, or carry an appropriate level of professional indemnity insurance for instance.

The register of Architects can be found here:

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