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Confidentiality and Data Protection


  1. The Consultant will not, without prior written consent, disclose to any person any private or confidential information concerning the Client or the Project, save in the proper course of the Consultant’s business or to their professional advisers, insurers or as required by law.

  2. The Consultant will not sell information to, nor share with, any third party unless it has express consent to do so.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  1. The Company does its utmost to ensure compliance with GDPR at all times and to respect the privacy of the Client and any other persons with whom it may liaise in the course of completing the required work.

  2. The Consultant will store data on the Client and the Client’s business to complete the Services as necessary and raise invoices accordingly. This includes personal information such as contact details, as well as details about the type of work that the Client carries out. The Consultant will not ask for information that is not essential to complete the Services agreed.

  3. If the Client shares information relating to its customers or employees, it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that they have obtained their explicit and informed permission to do so, and that they are aware that their data is being shared and for what purposes.

  4. The Consultant will only ever use such shared information as required to complete the Services. Once the Services have been completed, the Consultant will not retain any data or information on its own systems or records for longer than necessary to carry out the agreed work, unless the Client specifically requests that they do so.

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